Interactive Demo of SVOX - German Speech Synthesis

Listen how the SVOX text-to-speech system reads your own text!

Enter some German text you like to be synthesized or select one of the example sentences.
You can type umlauts either as `ä', `ö', `ü' or as `ae', `oe', `ue' and sharp-s as `ß' or `ss'. Upper and lower case characters are always treated identically. Note that correct pronunciation is guranteed only for words contained in the pronunciation lexicon!

You can find more information on the SVOX project and on the Speech Processing Group at TIK, ETH in Zurich.

SVOX was commercially available from SVOX AG.

If you encounter any problems using this interactive demonstration page, please send a short description of what went wrong, indicating which browser and helper application for sound output you use.

Last updated November 21, 2013, Beat Pfister,