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Current Theses for all TIK Groups

B = Bachelor, G = Group, M = Master, S = Semester

  title category type contact/supervisor assigned student(s) thesis number edit
Aircraft Positioning Service B Manuel Eichelberger,
Simon Tanner
HS 17 BA-2017-30
Implementation of a Blockchain Micropayment Channel Network M Conrad Burchert HS 17 MA-2017-13
Routing in a Peer-To-Peer Overlay Network M Conrad Burchert HS 17 MA-2017-11
Smart Lighting B Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
HS 17 BA-2017-31
Unleashing the potential of Real-time Internet of Things Embedded Systems S Romain Jacob HS 17 SA-2017-84
Analysis of Sleep-related Symptoms of Parkinson Patients based on a System of Ambient Sensors External Projects M Lothar Thiele,
Zimu Zhou
HS 17 MA-2017-10
Designing a Dynamic Micropayment Channel Network Internet Economics B Conrad Burchert HS 17 BA-2017-29
A FLARM Receiver for Crowdsourced Air Traffic Monitoring S Vincent Lenders FS 17 SA-2017-05
Advanced State Retention for Transient Systems M Andres Gomez,
Andreas Tretter
FS 17 MA-2017-01
Android App Private Data Usage B Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
FS 17 BA-2017-02
Android App Repackaging Protection B Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
FS 17 BA-2017-22
Android Audio Beamforming G Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
FS 17 ,
BitThief QoL B Michael König,
Georg Bachmeier
FS 17 BA-2017-21
Building a 3D Object Scanner B Manuel Eichelberger,
Gino Brunner
FS 17 BA-2017-01
Chronos: Finding the configurations recipe for fast convergence S Ahmed Elhassany FS 17 SA-2017-13
Convenient Apartment Search B Gino Brunner,
Simon Tanner
FS 17 BA-2017-07
Exploring the Unknown: An Agent in Graphland B Sebastian Brandt FS 17 BA-2017-23
Fictional Language Generator M Gino Brunner,
Yuyi Wang
FS 17 MA-2017-04
Housing 2.0 B Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
FS 17 BA-2017-08
Housing Price Predictor 2.0 B Gino Brunner,
Yuyi Wang
FS 17 BA-2017-06
Load balancing in a data center using the data plane M Laurent Vanbever,
Maria Apostolaki
FS 17 MA-2017-03
Online k-taxi Problems B Georg Bachmeier,
Yuyi Wang
FS 17 BA-2017-27
Online Matching - Randomized Algorithms B Yuyi Wang FS 17 BA-2017-24
Outdoor Sports Route Generation B Manuel Eichelberger FS 17 BA-2017-05
Public Transport Rating S Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
FS 17 ,
Reinforcement Learning Playground M Gino Brunner,
Yuyi Wang
FS 17 MA-2017-09
DPP Sensor Interface Board Embedded Systems S Jan Beutel,
Tonio Gsell
FS 17 SA-2017-15
I Bet My Plane Won`t Crash Embedded Systems B Stefan Draskovic,
Rehan Ahmed
FS 17 BA-2017-26
Exploiting Correlations between Pollutants for Fine-Grained Air Quality Assessment Environmental Sensing B Balz Maag,
Zimu Zhou
FS 17 BA-2017-25
Visualize Volumes of Air Quality Data Environmental Sensing M Balz Maag,
Zimu Zhou
FS 17 MA-2017-06
Tracing Internet Path Transparency Internet Measurement M Brian Trammell,
Mirja Kühlewind
FS 17 MA-2017-12
A Smart Attack using the Frequency Covert Channel Multicore Architecture M Philipp Miedl,
Matthias Meyer
FS 17 MA-2017-05
Analysis of Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds Network Security M Laurent Vanbever,
Roland Meier
FS 17 MA-2017-08
Battle of the Smartphones Performance Evaluation B Gino Brunner,
Pascal Bissig
FS 17 BA-2017-04
Evaluation of AQM schemes to support Low Latency in the Internet Performance Evaluation M Mirja Kühlewind,
Brian Trammell
FS 17 MA-2017-07
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