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Current Theses for Computer Engineering

B = Bachelor, G = Group, M = Master, S = Semester

  title category type contact/supervisor assigned student(s) thesis number edit
Advanced State Retention for Transient Systems M Andres Gomez,
Andreas Tretter
FS 17 MA-2017-01
Automated Energy Harvesting Source Characterization Embedded Systems M Lukas Sigrist,
Andres Gomez
FS 17 MA-2017-02
UnCovert 4 - The Power Covert Channel Multicore Architecture S Philipp Miedl FS 17 SA-2017-02
What’s my Thermal Fingerprint? Multicore Architecture S Philipp Miedl,
Rehan Ahmed
FS 17 SA-2017-03
Neural network based people recognition on a low power platform Embedded Systems S Andres Gomez,
Andreas Tretter
HS 16 SA-2016-56
Neural Network System-on-a-Chip for Acoustic Sensing Embedded Systems S Matthias Meyer HS 16 SA-2016-55
Orchestrate the Mixed-Criticality Melody (III) Embedded Systems S Rehan Ahmed,
Pengcheng Huang
HS 16 SA-2016-66
Parallelisation of Compressed Sensing Based Ultrasound Imaging Embedded Systems M Andreas Tretter HS 16 MA-2016-53
Towards Self-Sustainable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Embedded Systems S Andres Gomez,
Stefan Draskovic
HS 16 SA-2016-61
Accurate Air Pollution Monitoring with a Smartwatch Environmental Sensing S Balz Maag,
Zimu Zhou
HS 16 SA-2016-59
Anomaly Detection in Mobile Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring Environmental Sensing S Balz Maag,
Zimu Zhou
HS 16 SA-2016-58
What Is My Smart-Watch Measuring? Environmental Sensing S Balz Maag,
Zimu Zhou
HS 16 SA-2016-64
Real Attacks using physical covert channels on modern Multicore Systems Multicore Architecture M Philipp Miedl HS 16 MA-2016-54
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