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Available Theses for all TIK Groups

B = Bachelor, G = Group, M = Master, S = Semester

  title category type contact/supervisor assigned   edit (new)
Advancing Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology B/G/M/S Conrad Burchert available
Aircraft Positioning System B/G/M/S Manuel Eichelberger,
Simon Tanner
Android SuperOS B/G/M/S Gino Brunner available
Counting 1, 2, 3 ... B/G/S Pankaj Khanchandani available
DVB-T Positioning Implementation B/G/M/S Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
Improved Electronic Design Workflow B/G/M/S Simon Tanner,
Manuel Eichelberger
Improving Asynchronous Byzantine Agreement B/M/S Conrad Burchert available
Learning (Mining) from Non-i.i.d. Examples B/G/M/S Yuyi Wang,
Thomas Ulrich
Linear Motor Synchronization M/S Simon Tanner available
Online Matching (in Gaming Platforms) B/G/M/S Yuyi Wang available
Professional Android Phone Benchmarker B/G/M/S Gino Brunner,
Pascal Bissig
Radio Signal Fingerprinting B/G/M/S Simon Tanner available
Routing in a Peer-To-Peer Overlay Network B/G/M/S Roger Wattenhofer available
Self-Organizing Navigation Network for Mining (Industry Project) M Michael König available
Using Deep Learning to Annotate Karaoke Songs B/M/S Yuyi Wang,
Gino Brunner
Voice Control 2.0 B/G/M/S Yuyi Wang,
Gino Brunner
Fast Data Flush on Matterhorn Ad-hoc-Networks M/S Jan Beutel,
Tonio Gsell
Orchestrate the Mixed-Criticality Melody (I) Embedded Systems M Pengcheng Huang available
Program analysis with LLVM for predicting memory access collisions Embedded Systems M/S Andreas Tretter,
Stefan Draskovic
Design of a Portable Sensor Front-End for Carbon Nanotube Air Pollution Sensors Environmental Sensing M Balz Maag available
Measuring support for MPTCP and SCTP on the Internet Internet Measurement M/S Brian Trammell,
Mirja Kühlewind
Representation of Internet Path Transparency Internet Measurement M/S Mirja Kühlewind,
Brian Trammell
ConEx-Based Load Balancing for Data Centers (ConExA) Performance Evaluation M Mirja Kühlewind available
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