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Available Theses for Computer Engineering

B = Bachelor, G = Group, M = Master, S = Semester

  title category type contact/supervisor assigned   edit (new)
DCF77 Based Long-Term Timer S Roman Trüb available
Fast Data Flush on Matterhorn Ad-hoc-Networks M/S Jan Beutel,
Tonio Gsell
Your network, predictable or adaptive, Sir? I will have both, thank you. Ad-hoc-Networks M Romain Jacob available
Analyzing the Efficiency of Energy Harvesting Circuits Embedded Systems M Andres Gomez,
Lukas Sigrist
Automated program analysis for predicting memory access collisions Embedded Systems M/S Andreas Tretter,
Stefan Draskovic
Distributed Energy Harvesting Emulation Embedded Systems S Lukas Sigrist,
Andres Gomez
Orchestrate the Mixed-Criticality Melody (I) Embedded Systems M Pengcheng Huang available
Towards Autonomous Navigation for Nano-Blimps Embedded Systems M/S Stefan Draskovic,
Andres Gomez
Embedded Acoustic Sensing Environmental Sensing M/S Matthias Meyer available
Towards High Data Quality in Mobile Crowdsensing Environmental Sensing S Balz Maag,
Zimu Zhou
How bad is that security leak? Multicore Architecture M Philipp Miedl available
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