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Current Theses for all TIK Groups

B = Bachelor, G = Group, M = Master, S = Semester

  title category type contact/supervisor assigned student(s) thesis number edit
Buyers-First Decentralized Auctions Game Theory M Roland Schmid,
Georgia Avarikioti
FS 19 MA-2019-01
Aircraft Signal Antispoofing S Manuel Eichelberger,
Simon Tanner
HS 18 SA-2018-38
Android App Repackaging Protection Analysis B Simon Tanner HS 18 BA-2018-26
Automatic BGP Configuration Analysis and Summarisation S Rüdiger Birkner,
Laurent Vanbever
HS 18 SA-2018-43
Blockchain Payment Network Creation M Georgia Avarikioti HS 18 MA-2018-33
Creative Robot Composer S Manuel Eichelberger HS 18 SA-2018-39
Deep Preference Learning for Advanced Home Search S Oliver Richter,
Simon Tanner
HS 18 SA-2018-44
Democratic Deep Reinforcement Learning S Oliver Richter,
Gino Brunner
HS 18 SA-2018-49
Efficient Train Scheduling S Manuel Eichelberger HS 18 SA-2018-37
Exploring Centralized Payment Network Topology S Georgia Avarikioti,
Tejaswi Nadahalli
HS 18 SA-2018-34
Heuristics for Graph Coloring B Pál András Papp,
Roland Schmid
HS 18 BA-2018-24
HomeDetective Web Development - Industry Collaboration B Simon Tanner,
Gino Brunner
HS 18 BA-2018-25
Hyperloop Network Design M Manuel Eichelberger,
Roland Schmid
HS 18 MA-2018-27
Leveraging Network Programmability for Machine Learning in the Data Plane M Roland Meier,
Laurent Vanbever
HS 18 MA-2018-30
LWB with Long-Range Modulations M Jan Beutel,
Roman Trüb
HS 18 MA-2018-29
Making Sense of Energy Harvesting Data S Stefan Draskovic,
Lukas Sigrist
HS 18 SA-2018-42
Multi-path Routing S Maria Apostolaki,
Laurent Vanbever
HS 18 SA-2018-41
On-Device Classification for the Geophone Dual Processor Platform S Matthias Meyer,
Jan Beutel
HS 18 SA-2018-35
Online Algorithmic Channel Design B Georgia Avarikioti,
Yuyi Wang
HS 18 BA-2018-27
Online Hiding Game B Manuel Eichelberger HS 18 BA-2018-22
Personalized Automated Image Editing B Oliver Richter,
Gino Brunner
HS 18 BA-2018-23
Reinforcement Learning in Graph Theory M Yuyi Wang,
Pankaj Khanchandani
HS 18 MA-2018-25
Reliable Aircraft Positioning B Manuel Eichelberger,
Simon Tanner
HS 18 BA-2018-28
Restaurant Tinder B Roland Schmid,
Simon Tanner
HS 18 BA-2018-18
Self Sovereign Identities in Cardossier M Roger Wattenhofer HS 18 MA-2018-34
Simulating Bitcoins Network Topology S Georgia Avarikioti,
Roland Schmid
HS 18 SA-2018-32
Smartphone Aircraft Localization B Manuel Eichelberger,
Simon Tanner
HS 18 BA-2018-21
Student Democracy - Backend B Darya Melnyk,
Tejaswi Nadahalli
HS 18 BA-2018-20
Student Democracy - Frontend M Darya Melnyk,
Tejaswi Nadahalli
HS 18 MA-2018-31
Style Change Detection B Roland Schmid,
Gino Brunner
HS 18 BA-2018-19
Urban Last Mile Drone Delivery S Gino Brunner,
Simon Tanner
HS 18 SA-2018-47
Is low-power wireless networking a reproducible science? Embedded Systems S Romain Jacob HS 18 SA-2018-40
Low-power network design: work hard, play hard Embedded Systems S Romain Jacob,
Reto Da Forno
HS 18 ,
Networking Transient Sensor Nodes Embedded Systems M Lukas Sigrist,
Rehan Ahmed
HS 18 MA-2018-32
Design of a Self-Calibrating Air Quality Sensor Environmental Sensing S Balz Maag HS 18 SA-2018-30
Dynamic Visualization of Geophysical Data Environmental Sensing S Matthias Meyer,
Samuel Weber
HS 18 SA-2018-36
Measuring support for MPTCP and SCTP on the Internet Internet Measurement S Brian Trammell,
Mirja Kühlewind
HS 18 SA-2018-28
Representation of Internet Path Transparency Internet Measurement S Mirja Kühlewind,
Brian Trammell
HS 18 SA-2018-25
Feature sequence extraction from thermal traces Multicore Architecture S Philipp Miedl,
Rehan Ahmed
HS 18 SA-2018-48
How bad are data leaks really? Multicore Architecture M Philipp Miedl HS 18 MA-2018-28
Monitoring and Controlling Network Reconnaissance using Programmable Networks Network Security S Roland Meier,
Laurent Vanbever
HS 18 SA-2018-45
Packet Header Obfuscation in the Data Plane Network Security S Roland Meier,
Laurent Vanbever
HS 18 SA-2018-33
Securing data-plane driven fast-reroute systems Network Security S Thomas Holterbach HS 18 SA-2018-46
3G Datalink for Wireless GPS Sensors S Jan Beutel,
Tonio Gsell
FS 18 SA-2018-10
Data-Driven Performance Correlation S Maria Apostolaki FS 18 SA-2018-16
Deep Generative Models for Text Generation and Attribute Transfer M Gino Brunner,
Oliver Richter
FS 18 MA-2018-22
Mobile Smartphone Speedtest B Gino Brunner,
Simon Tanner
FS 18 BA-2018-11
Sports Analysis and Feedback Using Smartwatches M Gino Brunner,
Simon Tanner
FS 18 MA-2018-19
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