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Current Theses for Computer Engineering

B = Bachelor, G = Group, M = Master, S = Semester

  title category type contact/supervisor assigned student(s) thesis number edit
FlockLab 2.0: Hardware Design S Jan Beutel,
Roman Trüb
FS 19 SA-2019-10
FlockLab 2.0: Linux Platform S Jan Beutel,
Roman Trüb
FS 19 SA-2019-09
Frequency Spectrum Monitoring for FlockLab S Jan Beutel,
Roman Trüb
FS 19 SA-2019-08
Triggered IMU Sensing on DPP S Andreas Biri,
Jan Beutel
FS 19 SA-2019-13
A Software Benchmarking Platform for Embedded and Mobile Systems Performance Evaluation S Xiaoxi He,
Philipp Miedl
FS 19 SA-2019-01
LWB with Long-Range Modulations M Jan Beutel,
Roman Trüb
HS 18 MA-2018-29
Networking Transient Sensor Nodes Embedded Systems M Lukas Sigrist,
Rehan Ahmed
HS 18 MA-2018-32
Feature sequence extraction from thermal traces Multicore Architecture S Philipp Miedl,
Rehan Ahmed
HS 18 SA-2018-48
How bad are data leaks really? Multicore Architecture M Philipp Miedl HS 18 MA-2018-28
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