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Current Theses for Computer Engineering

B = Bachelor, G = Group, M = Master, S = Semester

  title category type contact/supervisor assigned student(s) thesis number edit
3G Datalink for Wireless GPS Sensors S Jan Beutel,
Tonio Gsell
FS 18 SA-2018-10
FLORA DPP Dozer S Jan Beutel,
Reto Da Forno
FS 18 SA-2018-26
Transiently Powered BLE Sensor Node S Lukas Sigrist,
Andres Gomez
FS 18 SA-2018-18
Dynamic Range Low-power Wireless protocols Embedded Systems M Romain Jacob,
Jan Beutel
FS 18 MA-2018-01
Reliable 3rd Generation Data Collection Embedded Systems M Jan Beutel,
Roman Trüb
FS 18 MA-2018-08
Urban Air Pollution Inference: A Neural Network Ensemble Approach Environmental Sensing M Balz Maag,
Zimu Zhou
FS 18 MA-2018-03
Come again? Towards repeatable security experiments Multicore Architecture S Philipp Miedl FS 18 SA-2018-13
You also want to explore other security leaks? Multicore Architecture S Philipp Miedl FS 18 SA-2018-17
DPP Geophone M Jan Beutel,
Matthias Meyer
HS 17 MA-2017-25
Quantized Convolutional Neural Networks for Embedded Platforms M Matthias Meyer HS 17 MA-2017-15
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